How to Safely Pack Paintings for Shipping

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By: UC8JsvzwlNfWdNlLmV2EWKeA
Video Discription: Do you need to pack your fine art for delivery overseas? This tutorial offers advice on how to pack paintings for shipping so that you can send your artwork to galleries or collectors anywhere in the world. Discover which packing materials to use. Learn how to deal with packing your artwork for shipping -- including instructions on packing framed artwork. Packing paintings for shipping can seem like a daunting task, but follow these simple instructions and you'll be able to pack your artwork like a pro. Index: 0:14 - Supplies 0:57 - Set Up 1:45 - Glassine 3:03 - Bubble Wrap 7:56 - Boxing 9:31 - Making A Box Top 11:27 - Padding 12:13 - Multiple Works 12:31 - Closing the Box 13:15 - Attaching Forms 13:36 - Packing Advice 13:49 - Packing Framed Art 14:50 - Cardboard Corners 15:38 - Important Notes


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