The “Great Replacement”: Myth, conspiracy theory or reality? Part 1. Definitions

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By: UCFwbc949qP3QeNKMbTpdFrQ
Video Discription: The " Great Replacement" has been intensely debated in recent years. Right-wing authors, politicians and political movements like the Identitarian Movement use it to describe the process of mass migration to the West as a " replacement" of Western populations. Left wing critics denounce it as a " conspiracy theory" . This video - the first Part in a series about this topic - attempts a clear definition and analysis of the term. It relies mainly on writings by Renaud Camus, the French writer, who coined it. In later Parts the criticisms will be described and it will be examined how justified these are. Literature: Camus, R. (2016). Revolte gegen den Grossen Austausch. Schnellroda: Antaios.


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