Playboy TV Swing Season 3 Ep 8. Final Episode Playboy TV Swing Season 3.

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Video Discription: Playboy TV Swing Season 3, episode 8 features Greg & Tammy. Click here to see the full episode: Greg & Tammy state that they are a very sexual couple and are looking to spice up their relationship by trying their hand at swinging. They appear a little nervous to get involved, but after all, it can be a very daunting experience and every couple and individual within the couple will experience different feelings about swinging. They do take a while to get involved and open up but that is the big message from this episode -- that every couple will take their approach to the swinging lifestyle differently and at vastly different paces. Greg & Tammy dipped their toes into the " swinging pool" whereas others will dive in head first into the deep end. At the end of the day they came out of it with an even stronger relationship and that is paramount. Looking after yourselves and your relationship is one of the biggest rules in swinging. See all seasons of Playboy TV Swing here: Footage courtesy of Playboy TV. Subscribe to their channel here:


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