Opening to Beauty and the Beast 1992 VHS [True HQ] (Version B)

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By: UCP05zT-HLqmwD6sclw2ZbWg
Video Discription: *Previews seen on prints processed after July 1992* Tape distributor: Walt Disney Home Video [Classics] | Original pressing | Tape print date: November 4, 1992 It is with deepest pride, and greatest pleasure that I bring you this tonight. The list of previews: 1. Green FBI warning screens 2. " Coming Only to Theaters this 1992 Holiday Season" bumper [with music] 3. Aladdin sneak preview 4. Sleeping Beauty re-release TV spot 5. Pinocchio video preview 7. " Special Preview After our Feature" bumper [earlier prints had a different version] 8. 1991 Feature Presentation bumper [Mark Elliot " Handwriting" ; starts a second short] 9. 1988 Walt Disney Classics logo [1992 " distorted" version -- I still don't know how this happened lol] 10. 1985 Walt Disney Pictures logo [1990 version] 11. Opening monolouge


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