Top 5 Best Child Opera Singers (Auditions)

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By: UCpyG1IlhCAKUf1NfNa-dbdg
Video Discription: This is MY OPINION of the best child opera singers! They all auditioned on different shows and didn't fail to stun the judges with their incredible voices! In my opinion, ranking from #1-#5 (#1 being my favorite): 1 - Laura Bretan 2 - Jackie Evancho 3 - Amira WIllighagen 4 - Arielle Baril 5 - Shaquilla **PLEASE DO NOT HATE OR JUDGE MY OPINION. PLEASE DO NOT START FIGHTS IN THE COMMENTS OR I WILL DISABLE THEM.** **I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE VIDEOS. ALL RIGHTS GO TO GOT TALENT GLOBAL AND THE RESPECTABLE OWNERS/SINGERS OF EACH VIDEO.**


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