The Story Of Harmony Creech

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Video Discription: Harmony Jade Creech Harmony came into our world on November 15 2006 to Ronald and Johni Michelle in North Carolina. When she was born, Ronald had already been deployed to Iraq. On October 19 2007 Ronald returned home from his deployment to find an empty crib. A window in Harmony's bedroom was open, the screen popped out and much of her clothing was missing. An amber alert was made for Harmony. Numerous cars were stopped, Harmony's picture handed out... Until someone decided to check the attic just to be sure. On October 20 2007 the remains of Harmony are found in the attic of her mother's house. Harmony had then been wrapped in a plastic bag and then stuffed into an empty diaper box. She had been killed sometime between August 31 2007 and September 30 2007. Harmony's petite body had badly decomposed so much so that an initial autopsy was unable to determine a cause of death. In a later released toxicology report, nicotine was found inside Harmony's system as well as evidence of starvation. Her mother had claimed that she had found Harmony dead in her crib and had covered up her death out of fear. Johni Michelle said that night before Ronald returned home, she had opened a window & hid Harmony's clothes to make it appear as though her baby had been kidnapped. Ronald had only gotten to see his daughter once during a two week short leave from the army. Johni Michelle Heuser plead guilty to first-degree murder and was sentenced to 11-15 years in prison.

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