Maguro's Story Mode Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary Wii! ぷよぷよ

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By: UCMO6jRgbJi7UzMsn3K107OQ
Video Discription: Today is going to be Maguro's story mode, and of course Maguro starts off talking to Ringo and Ringo wants to see Maguro's little secret but of course Maguro is too shy to show it to her but he did, and the secret is that his eyes have some sort of beam power that Hypnotize anyone! The rumor have spread so fast then Amitie and Ringo want to see and hypnotize few other Puyo characters! Anyway, enjoy Maguro's story mode for now... Download Puyo Puyo 20th Anniversary JPN Full Wii Game Here: Download Dolphin Emulator that works for the Puyo Puyo 20th Anniversary Wii Game Here: Maguro's Opponents: Stage 1: Maguro vs Ringo Stage 2: Maguro vs Amitie Stage 3: Maguro vs Rider Stage 4: Maguro vs Klug Stage 5: Maguro vs Suketoudara Stage 6: Maguro vs Risukuma Stage 7: Maguro vs Ringo Stage 8: Maguro vs Ecolo/Ekoro


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