Tray Deee on Why Suge Knight Isn't Housed in General Population (Part 8)

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By: UCg7lal8IC-xPyKfgH4rdUcA
Video Discription: Watch Part 7: Part 1: --------------- In this clip, Tray Deee reacted to the news of Suge Knight's mother passing and explained why he wasn't allowed to attend the funeral. According to Tray Deee, there are a number of risks that carceral institutions run by allowing inmates to attend events such as funerals ranging from being a flight risk to someone making an attempt on their life while they're out in public. Tray Deee also broke down that he wasn't allowed out due to being locked up in county jail which doesn't allow any type of furloughs. Later on, Tray Deee explained some of the reasons why county jail can be worse than prison and where someone like Suge Knight is housed in county.


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