Opening to Toy Story 2000 VHS

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By: UCggI73tNh-U_VCfQPfJebsw
Video Discription: From the Toy Story: Special Edition VHS Tape are it's opening previews. If you find something in these previews that's not in your Disney collection, here you go: Tarzan (VIDEO and DVD, 2/1/2000) 0:56 An Extremely Goofy Movie (VIDEO only, Leap Day/2000) 3:03 Sing-a-Song with Tigger (VIDEO only, 3/7/2000) 4:03 The Little Mermaid II (Return to the Sea) (VIDEO and DVD, Fall 2000) 4:22 Buzz Lightyear of Star Command:The Movie (VIDEO and DVD, Coming Soon) 5:25 Old website. 5:57 This time, I used my dad's iPad for better quality.


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