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Video Discription: I'm super excited for this workout because not only is it my second week of intense jump training (post knee injury), it's also my first dunk attempt session since March! My focus was to improve my rate of force development by lifting with medium weight at higher velocities. Watch more Jump Training videos here Premier Protein Shake - Adidas Explosive Bounce Shoes - GET 5% OFF VOLLEYBALL GEAR All Volleyball Store - Discount Code - ELEVATE5 Increase Vertical Jump Programs - Online Volleyball Coaching - Elevate Apparel - (Get 5% OFF with code ELEVATE5) SUBSCRIBE to my channel! - Instagram - Twitter - Website - Volleyball Tutorial Videos - Volleyball Tips Videos - Jump Training Videos - Volleyball Training Videos - Volleyball Life Vlog Videos- EXERCISE EQUIPMENT I USE Hypervolt Massage Device - Foam Roller - Massage Ball - Nike Athletic Crew Socks - Power Bands - Hip Loop Bands - Ice Pack + Wrap - NUTRITION SUPPLEMENTS I USE Protein Shake - Preworkout - Water Bottle - Gatorade Prime Energy - Gatorade Drink Powder - Apple Cider Vinegar Pills - Creatine - FILM EQUIPMENT I USE DJI Smartphone Gimbal - Portable Tripod - Phone Mini Tripod - Portable Phone Charger - iPhone Charging Cable -


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