Cleo and Cuquin Sing Along special: Let's Tell Lies and more Nursery Rhymes

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Video Discription: " Humpty Dumpty and more Cleo and Cuquin lullabies - Kids nursery rhymes in english" --~-- Sing Along Nursery Rhymes for kids: Let's Tell Lies and many more! • Subscribe: • WEB: • Facebook: • Twitter: • Instagram: Nick Jr. USA To Premiere 'Cleo & Cuquin' On Monday 22nd January 2018 Based on the classic Familia Telerín cartoon, Nick Jr., Nickelodeon's top-rated preschool channel, will start to air Cleo & Cuquin weekdays at 2:30pm, 2:40pm and 2:50pm (ET/PT) from Monday 22nd January 2018! Cleo and Cuquín is a fun-filled series about the adventures of Cleo, Cuquín and their siblings. Together they will face minor daily conflicts that they will resolve through play, by playing at being something: gardener, journalist, ship’s captain... and at the end of each adventure Cleo will be really happy because she will have discovered something very important: what she wants to be when she grows up. Or at least for that day! If you enjoyed Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig, Pocoyo, Dora The will love Cleo & Cuquin! Welcome to Cleo&Cuquin English official channel, were you'll find the best children's songs and educational content for the whole family to enjoy, babies and kids included! 'Familia Telerin' is a brand that has left a deep mark in the collective memory in Spain, México and Latin America. The fondly remembered " Vamos a la cama" (Let's go to bed) started to be broadcasted on Televisa (Canal 2) on a daily basis in the '70s and went on for over a decade. Today, the famous cartoon strip that sent two generations of kids to bed comes back renewed and designed in 3D to be broadcasted on Televisa's Canal 2 and Canal 5. These were the main reasons that encouraged Anima Kitchent to get on board with this new adventure hand in hand with the Moro family - creators of the " Vamos a la cama" cartoon strip. Cleo, Cuquin, Pelusin, Maripi, Colitas and Tete sing popular songs for kids in children's educational videos good for having fun and learning. Subscribe! ***************************** Original Song: Musical Adaptation: Agustín Mejías, Alejandro Mejías y Marcos Mejías Lyrics Adaptation: Agustín Mejías, Alejandro Mejías y Marcos Mejías *****************************


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