The Queen's Garden - Hollow Knight Gameplay - Part 7

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By: UCqW50WJnFgyc3uh3lBst_Sg
Video Discription: We're still discovering new areas we haven't explored in Hollow Night. We're headed into the Queen's Garden in search of a boss to fight, and some new charms... #HollowKnight -- Support the channel and become a member! Members get access to custom emojis in live streams, an exclusive role in our channel Discord server, plus you'll be added to the credits of uploaded videos! -- Looking for great games at a great price? Check out for daily game sales. sells only one game each day, at a great price, with a new title daily at noon Eastern time. Each purchase through the my link supports the channel! -- ► Subscribe to My Channel Here -- Find CrypticFox here: CrypticFox Merch: Twitter: Facebook: Discord Chat: Xbox One Clubs: CrypticFox Gaming


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