Hoover Dam Will Be A Dead Cesspool By 2021 - The Coming Disaster Is Real

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By: UCiDa1Pvau5HpDlGhb9hjuKA
Video Discription: Will Hoover dam and Lake Mead be dry by 2021? It really looks that way according to all reports, studies and observations. I am traveling the Lake Powell area, Grand Canyon Area and Hoover Dam area in March 2017 I will be from one end to the other kicking ass and taking names trying to find out where all the water went. If you would like to help out and like what I do here you can use this link and its always appreciated. Music and HD stock footage under license to Paul Flores & James Flores of Darkskywatchers Global Skywatch Network Darkskywatcher74@yahoo.com by Video Blocks @ www.videoblocks.com and www.audioblocks.com Additional Royalty Free Music Provided By Purple Planet @ www.purple-planet.com


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