Mongolian Traditional Wedding - Must See Event In Mongolia | VIEWS

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Video Discription: Although the time has changed and Mongolia has been transferring to globalization, Mongolians keep their traditional wedding ceremony. One of the things that you must see is Mongolian traditional wedding ceremony. Thank you for Ideree's family! Our INSTAGRAM: Our FACEBOOK: ARTGER TOURS: ARTGER Tours is our customized Mongolia experience project designed specifically for a novice or intermediate adventure travelers. Get a first-hand feel for nomad life with the knowledge that this team has a wealth of experience in dealing with international visitors. Your hands might get dirty, but they'll be safe! “Live like nomads, eat like Mongols!” Further info here: Official Partners: STONE HORSE EXPEDITIONS & TRAVEL SONDOR KHILEN ENGLISH CENTER ARTGER TOURS Series Creator and Producer: Javkha Ara Filmed & Edited: Javkha Ara, Purevdorj.P, Doke Sound: Baysaa Ara, Altangerel.N Translation: Naranchuluun.P, BO Follow us on Twitter: Questions and Collaboration:


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