Super Mario Galaxy 2 Glitches - Son Of A Glitch - Episode 40

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By: UCcIe-_Hqzb3mAZyKEy1amDw
Video Discription: Mario's heading back into the galaxy, and we're going to be checking out the glitches in the fantastic sequel to Super Mario Galaxy! Glitches - 1. Yoshi Stuck In Starship Tree 2. Yoshi Tongue Glitch 3. Trapped In Mario's Face 4. Chance Cube Room Glitch 5. Yoshi/Cloud Mario Slide 6. Yoshi's Puffed Cheeks 7. Cloud Star Get 8. Cloud Super Jump 9. Flip-swap Galaxy Super Jump 10. Star Grab With Smeech 11. Messed Up Crabber 12. Yoshi Walk's Underwater 13. Long Jump On Water 14. Ice Skate On Wood 15. Star Chip's Clone Mario Glitch 16. Freezy Flake Galaxy Behind The Goomba Statue 17. Bowser Jr's Fearsome Fleet Platform Teleport 18. Disappearing Character's 19. Invisible Piranha Plant (Super Massive Galaxy) 20. Low-Res Chompworks Galaxy 21. Shiverburn Galaxy Frozen Meteor's 22. Melty Monster Dark Void 23. Throwback Galaxy Fence Clip 24. Whomp Slam Through Floor 25. Anti-gravity Whomp King 26. Throwback Bonus Planet Glitch 27. Sleep-floating Toad 28. Yoshi Infinite Flutter 29. Yoshi In Final Bowser 30. Credits Glitches (Die in Credits) Huge thanks to these guys - Glitchfish - LogitechSDAZ - Paraxade0 - MASTERLINKX - Yoshifan28 - ZFG - Nemi43 - A+Start with Andy Please Like, Favourite and Subscribe if you enjoyed this episode and feel free to leave any questions or game suggestions in the comments below. Thanks guys! Follow us on Twitter - Like us on -


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