Opening to Chicken Run 2000 VHS [True HQ]

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By: UCP05zT-HLqmwD6sclw2ZbWg
Video Discription: Tape distributor: DreamWorks Home Entertainment | Original pressing | Tape print date: October 13, 2000 Here is the opening to the 2000 VHS tape of Chicken Run, enjoy! The list of previews: 1. FBI warning screen 2. " Coming to theaters" bumper 3. Shrek teaser trailer 4. " Available exclusively on video and DVD" bumper 5. The Road to El Dorado preview 6. Joseph: King of Dreams preview 7. The Land Before Time VII: The Stone of Cold Fire preview 8. Casper's Haunted Christmas preview 9. Galaxy Quest preview 10. Format screen 11. DreamWorks Pictures logo 12. Start of the film I do not own this material, no copyright infringement intended. TM & © 2000 DreamWorks, L.L.C., Aardman Chicken Run Limited and Pathé Image.


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