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Video Discription: http://www.upack.com/moving-resources/loading-tips.asp http://www.upack.com/moving-resources/moving-list.asp Rossi Morreale gives some great loading tips for household moving, including a list of items that can't be shipped in a moving trailer or moving container. Remember to properly dispose of any hazardous materials before you start packing. Federal regulations say U-Pack can't haul them! Leave behind things like gasoline, chemicals, flammables, fireworks, or ammunition. Lawn mowers, four-wheelers, motorcycles, chain saws, and similar items are OK--just be sure to drain the fuel first. If you're moving in a Cube, we suggest staging your belongings in a space similar to the Cube before your move--it'll help you determine how much space you need! Tape off a 6'x7'x8' corner of a spare room or garage, and start stacking your boxes and furniture up. Now it's ready to load, too! Secure everything inside the container with rope or straps to make sure nothing shifts during the journey. Pack high and tight to maximize space usage. Use moving blankets to protect furniture from rubbing against each other. Once you've finished loading, place a 2" lock on the door, and you're done!


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