Vert Shock Review: My Results of Week 0 to 9

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By: UCcu_zd0oNKHbNHf7rNTHNlg
Video Discription: Download Vert Shock here: Get my free Guide and find out if you will dunk after 8 weeks: Read my Vert Shock review: If you want to know everything about Vert Shock then check out my 10-minute review of Vert Shock in my channel! I increased my vertical by 8 inches during the program. I now have a 37" vertical and can dunk easily with two hands. The workout is easy to follow and was a great success for me. I can finally dunk consistently and throw down slams with two hands easily. I also noticed an overall improved athletic ability which shows in a quicker thirst step and much-improved defense. I would recommend this program to every athlete who is serious about increasing his vertical. It will take a big time commitment and hard work, but it absolutely worked for me!​ Read more:


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