Goodnight Moon - Original Children's Lullaby on ukulele

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By: UCgjtBMhjtnrqAHo6SBijgDQ
Video Discription: I wrote this two years ago for Colin, but only previously recorded the " Goodnight..." part for Youtube. Here's the whole book in song. If you want to play it, the chords used are: G - D - D7 - Em - C In the [G] great green room there [D] was a telephone And a [D7] red balloon And a [G] picture of-- The [G] cow jumping [D] over the [G] moon and there were [G] three little bears, [D] sitting on chairs and [D7] two little kittens and a [G] pair of mittens and a [G] little toy house [D] and a young mouse and a [D7] comb and a brush and [G] bowl full of [Em] mush and a [G] quiet old [D] lady who was [Em] whispering [C] " hush" Goodnight[G] room goodnight [D] moon goodnight [Em] cow jumping over the [C] moon [D7] goodnight [G] light and the red bal [D] -loon goodnight [Em] bears goodnight [C] chairs goodnight [D] kittens [G] good [D] -night [C] mittens goodnight [D] clocks and [G] good [D] -night [C]socks goodnight little [G] house and goodnight [D] mouse goodnight [Em] comb and goodnight [C] brush goodnight [D] nobody [G] good [D] -night [C] mush and good [C]-night to the [D] old lady [G] whisper [D] -ing [C] " hush" goodnight [D] stars, [G] good [D]-night [Em] air [C] goodnight [D] noises every [G]-where.


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