Professor Griff on Fighting MC Serch of 3rd Bass in Def Jam Offices

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By: UCg7lal8IC-xPyKfgH4rdUcA
Video Discription: In the above clip, Professor Griff of Public Enemy sat down with Vlad and explained the reasoning behind him getting kicked out of Public Enemy. He talks about how MC Serch perceived him as making derogatory comments towards Jewish people and how the fight that resulted afterward led to him being kicked out of the group. He continues to explain how he was given a " severance" package from Chuck D, who signed him to Uncle Luke's (2LiveCrew) label without his consent. Finally, Professor Griff talks about returning to Public Enemy and the " spirit" being gone. He recalls seeing members of the group smoking and drinking on the tour bus with white girls. Watch the clip above.


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