Mutianyu Great Wall | How to get to the Mutianyu Great Wall of China by public transport

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Video Discription: It is very easy to access the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall of China by public transport if you know what to do. Find heaps more photos on our blog post about how to get to Mutianyu Great Wall: Watch the video and for your reference, we have provided you with the steps of what to do below: 1. Go to Dongzhimen station (located on subway line 2) 2. Get the 916 express bus to Beidajie 怀柔北大街 (Do not catch another bus including the 980 as there have been bus-taxi-scams where the bus drops you in a random location and you are forced to take a taxi). It costs 12 Yuan or 6 Yuan if you have a public transport card. 3. Once you arrive at the Beidajie stop 怀柔北大街 go across the road and wait for the 23 or 24 bus to Mutianyu Great Wall 慕田峪长城. The bus driver will direct you where to get off or look for the bridge shown in the video. At this bus station, taxi drivers will try and convince you not to get the bus as it 'is not running'. This is untrue, it runs everyday until 7pm. The 23 or 24 bus costs 3 Yuan without a transport card or 1.5 Yuan with a transport card. 4. Walk 5 minutes down the road and you have reached the entrance to the Great Wall. Tickets cost 45 Yuan with a choice to buy a shuttle for an additional 15 Yuan. They will automatically charge you for the shuttle so indicate if you do not want it. It is a 1 - 1.5km walk if you do not take the shuttle to the Great Wall entrance. 5. You can either walk to the top of the Great Wall (30-40 minutes uphill) or take a cable car to the top (100 Yuan). In this section of the Great Wall there is a Toboggan ride downhill. We highly recommend this section of the Great Wall as there are hardly any crowds and the views are great! We also show you how to get travel around China. We recommend starting here to get an overview: Please like and subscribe and check out our other social media channels for travel tips! Instagram - Twitter - Pinterest - Blog - Keywords: China Great Wall of China Mutianyu Great Wall Mutianyu Great Wall of China by public transport


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