Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! - All Shorts Compilation

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By: UCnIO4LCrkGXcxDKk5l9HEiQ
Video Discription: Good news: comments are back! (Geez, this is getting famous. Maybe try watching my other videos?) Wow. I can't believe this is actually almost an hour long. I suddenly had the idea to do this, since nobody else ever did a compilation like this and I thought it was pretty necessary to do so. But eh, I can see why. Plus there were also plenty of shorts out there that were " lost" , well not really technically lost, but were never uploaded on YouTube or anywhere else. Also, for the " clan" episodes, I slowed the episodes down slightly so it sounded exactly like the original version. So, yeah, here's every single short featured on Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!, plus a bonus, unproduced short at the end. 0:00 - Flutterflies (A Tale of Tails) 0:44 - Hide and Seek (Widget's Wild Ride) 1:49 - Feeding the Birds (Wubbzy in the Woods) 2:44 - Walden's Minute of Knowledge (Goo Goo Grief) 3:46 - Go Fly a Kite (A Clean Sweep) 4:41 - No Laughing Contest (Wuzzleburg Express) 6:13 - The Wubbzy Wiggle (Gotta Dance) 7:32 - Bigfoot (Eggs Over Easy) 8:24 - Too Many Cooks (Watch the Birdie) 9:32 - I Can See Clearly Now (Warp Speed Wubbzy) 10:40 - Trampoline (Who Needs School?) 11:48 - Boo to You (Monster Madness) 12:41 - Seesaw (Wubbzy Bounces Back) 13:48 - I'm Flying (The Snow Shoo Shoo) 14:51 - Picture Perfect (Escape from Dino Island) 16:05 - The Great Hat (The Grass is Always Plaider) 17:14 - A Tree Grows in Wuzzleburg (Wubbzy's Magical Mess Up) 18:24 - Sand Sculptures (Come Spy with Me) 19:58 - Wubbzy's Personal Stamp (Wubbzy in the Middle) 21:24 - Dino Bones (Mt. Fizzy Pop) 22:46 - Puddles (The Super Fixers) 23:38 - Snowman (O'Figgity Fig Tree) 24:28 - Twisty Twister (The Tired Tail) 25:56 - Splish Splash (Where's My Wiggle Wrench?) 27:12 - Rooms (Follow the Leader) 28:36 - Me and My Shadow (Broken Record) 29:43 - Wubb Club Tour (Who's That Girl?) 30:43 - The Bubble Contest (Wubbzy and the Fire Engine) 31:38 - Silly Mirror Room (Wubbzy and the Sparkle Stone) 32:26 - Strange Noises (Bye Bye Birdies) 33:35 - Special Box (Tooth or Dare) 34:47 - Daizy's Dolls (Welcome to the Dollhouse) 35:49 - Fossil Fools (Wubbzy the Hero) 37:02 - Hairy Dan (Daizy's Hair Salon) 38:11 - Trick or Treat (March of the Pumpkins) 39:16 - Snow Day (Great and Grumpy Holiday) 40:15 - Valentine's Day (Cupid's Little Helper) 41:18 - Flower Fun Time (Daizy's Favorite Place) 42:22 - Magic Beans (Once Upon a Wubbzy) 43:42 - Imagine That (Hangin' With Mr. Gummy) 44:56 - Hoopty Hoops (Hoop Dreamz) 46:00 - Coloring Eggs (Big Bunny Blues) 47:10 - Wacky Hat Day (Save the Wuzzly) 48:13 - House Calls (Ty Ty the Tool Guy) 49:10 - Try Your Luck (Mr. Unlucky) 50:11 - Something's Fishy (Rush Hour) 50:57 - Spider World (Woozy Walden) 52:12 - Card Tricks (unproduced short)


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