Athena (Sci-Fi/Action Short Film)

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Video Discription: Here it finally is, ladies and gentlemen; Athena, the Sci-Fi Action/Thriller short film from Rogue Division, Crowned Prince Productions and Nine Entertainment! Athena is the culmination of almost two years of work and the combined talents of a vast team of dedicated filmmakers. Featuring performances by John Hayden, Ben Adams, and Guile Branco and written and directed by award-winning filmmaker Andrew Kadikian. For a full cast and crew list, and to rate the film, head to the Athena IMDb Page! Two technicians are stranded on a foreign planet by an unexplained explosion and must act fast to stay alive when their rescue team turns out to be a hit squad. Shot on location at Lions Camp at Teresita Pines in the Angeles National Forest. Be sure to check out parts 1-5 of our behind the scenes look at the shoot as well as the official Athena Facebook page for set photos and other BTS content! Athena BTS Part 1: Athena BTS Part 2: Athena BTS Part 3: Athena BTS Part 4: Athena BTS Part 5: Search #AthenaFilm on social media to find more! ---- Rogue Division Website: Rogue Division Twitter: Rogue Division Instagram: Rogue Division Facebook:


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