What to Expect on Moving Day & Delivery | Moving Tips from Allied

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Video Discription: The Moving Experience: What to Expect on Moving Day If you've never moved before how do you know what to expect? In this video we will answer your moving questions in a quick seven step outline of what will take place on your moving day. http://www.allied.com Moving Day Step 1: The moving company should notify you weeks in advance of when they will arrive Moving Day Step 2: The moving company will compile a written inventory of all your belongings and their condition before packing Moving Day Step 3: Packers will move quickly to group each of your items together for packing and will use different boxes to do so. Moving Day Step 4: Movers will start to determine what the best order is to load each of your items Moving Day Step 5: The movers will ahve a technique to packing furniture and large or unique items Moving Day Step 6: To make sure items don't shift during transport, the moving crew will load items into the truck in a specific order and organization Moving Day Step 7: At the end of the day, when loading is complete, the moving crew will present you with a document call the bill of lading


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