Bibi Blocksberg - Zakochana Bibi | Polski Polish

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Video Discription: Products and information about Bibi Blocksberg: Bibi Fanshop: Bibi falls in love with Joaquin! But he's not interested in her. He thinks it's stupid that she keeps following him around. To him she's still a baby who needs to grow up. Well, that's no problem for Bibi: she immediately turns herself into a beautiful temptress. But it doesn't work. Joaquin sends her home. It's not a question of beauty, he calls after her, it's about feelings. But even when Bibi turns herself into a shriveled old witch, she's unlucky. She is really sad, but then her friend Marita has a great idea: a love spell! But the spell was a little too strong. Now it is Joaquin who can't leave Bibi alone. This isn't what Bibi had in mind. Luckily her parents return home just in time and mother Barbara put an end to the love spell. All's well that ends well. Bibi and Joaquin decide to be friends and make a date to go to the ice-cream parlor the next day.

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