Ethiopia - Menzuma (Muslim Devotional chant) by Sheikh Mohamed Awol

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Video Discription: Ethiopia has an extensive and very active Muslim population , who have played an important role in Ethiopian life, particularly in the field of commerce, for over a millennium. Ethiopias earliest and most holy Muslim center, according to tradition, is at Nagash, north of Wukro in Tigray, where there is a fine mosque of considerable antiquity. perhaps the most important Islamic center since medieval times, however, has been the famous walled city of Harar. One of the principal holy cities of Islam, it has long been renowned for its religious learning, as well as for its mosques, many Muslim shrines, and tombs of several holy Muslim leaders of the past. The first muezzin calling the faithful to prayer in the prophets time was an Ethiopian named Bilal, as his compatriots recall with pride to this day. Menzuma (Zikr) in this video performed by Sheikh Mohammed Awol, a well known menzuma performer in Ethiopia. Menzuma is an Ethiopian Islamic devotional chant that contains remembrances of Allah (God), and praises of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH),


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