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Video Discription: Subscribe here: to be the first to watch more full length documentaries. Kieran Long revisits Coldbrook Farm and Old Manor for an update on their ongoing restoration and to reveal new stories that have come to light since the programmes were first broadcast. He meets the talented craftspeople who helped save them and explores the art of craft - how skills passed down from generation to generation make it possible for these properties to be authentically restored. Bill and Kim turned a crumbling holiday home into a dream one when they started an ambitious architectural transformation of their 16th-century farmhouse in Monmouthshire. Mixing modern features with the Tudor interior would never be easy - especially for Sam Thomas, the joiner who had made thousands of staircases in his life, but never one this complicated. Revisiting him in the workshop a year later, it is still on his mind. Bill and Kim were restoration novices but do they feel they did the ancient home justice? Or have they started making changes already? It took a pair as brave as Polly and Eric to attempt to rescue Old Manor in Saham Toney in Norfolk. They spent a year trying to save the fragile old house but by the end had run out of money, been broken into and had nothing more to show than a crumbling timber skeleton. Kieran returns to discover what has happened since and how Polly feels about the old building she sank her life savings into. Meanwhile, new evidence comes to light which may solve the mystery of how a piece of medieval stained glass found its way into the house - and even the name of the person responsible 150 years ago. Crumbling, ancient houses are brought back to life by passionate owners as they restore and convert them into striking 21st century homes, unravelling the properties' extraordinary past lives through their architectural and social history. Grand Designs meets Who Do You Think You Are? Presented by Caroline Quentin, Restoration Home follows private owners of crumbling historic buildings as they save them from ruin and restore them into wonderful 21st century homes. With the help of architectural expert, Kieran Long, and social historian, Dr. Kate Williams, Restoration Home turns detective to unravel the properties' astonishing lives. As the new owners transform the buildings into their homes, the family trees of these crumbling ruins start to emerge. Tales of Kings and Queens, murder, civil unrest, moments that shocked and shaped Britain are revealed as these buildings are brought back to life. Welcome to Reel Truth History, the home of gripping and powerful documentaries. Here you can watch both full length documentaries and series that explore some of the most comprehensive pieces of world history.


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