Freeway Ricky: I Was Making $200K a Day Profit Selling Cocaine

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Video Discription: - Freeway Ricky spoke exclusively with VladTV about what it was like being one of the biggest drug dealers in the 1980s, including gifting people in need with thousands every day, and rarely being mistaken for a drug dealer. It seems that everyone knows that Ricky was a drug dealer, the California native revealed that no one ever looked at him and believed he was involved in dealing during his height. He explained that he wasn't interested in the fancy cars, jewelry, or the flashy things in life, so a lot of people mistook him as an employee of a dealer, not the main man. While Ricky isn't a flashy man, that didn't hold him back from handing out an average of $40,000 a day to people who were in need or down on their luck. He also revealed that he was worth around $10 million at the height of his operation, which you can hear more about in the above clip.


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