Kinder Joy Egg with a Toy

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Video Discription: Kinder Joy Egg with a Toy - that's is my new video about opening Kinder Joy Egg. Subscribe my Channel please : My little son Sami is opening this egg. And believe or not it is great joy for him. Actually this movie we made when we were on our holidays in Portugal, Algarve. Kinder Joy Eggs are available in Portugal obviously. I saw Kinder Joy Eggs here in Ireland some time ego, but seems that they are not available here anymore. It is so pity because in my opinion they are really cool and delicious. Have fun watching this. Subscribe the channel please. About Kinder Joy Chocolate 20 g Kinder Joy Chocolate is introduced in India by the Italian Confectioner Ferrero International. Kinder Joy Chocolate is become very popular in India. This brand is very popular among the other leading chocolate companies. Children are mostly attracted to the attractive shaped box packs of the Kinder Joy Chocolate. Kinder Joy Chocolate is economical and they are available in all the 28 states of India and they are also available in all the markets and supermarkets of India. Kinder Joy Chocolate is made up of milky and cocoa spreads in it with 2 coats of wafer biscuits. Kinder Joy packs comes in different pack and the most popular is the egg shaped pack and it contains a toy inside the pack and also the chocolates, thus they become more attractive for the children. Kinder Joy Chocolate can be also a perfect gift for different occasions, like birthday gift, anniversary gift, and wedding gift. Kinder Joy Chocolate is also available in the online chocolate stores. The price of the packs is rupees 60 to rupees 200 according to the net weight and the number of pack included with the Kinder Joy Chocolate Box. Open the white-orange egg shaped JOY... Undrape the halves to find the little wonder inside. One half of the egg contains the yummy part and the other revealing the real catch! It contains plastic pieces, paper [looks like some instruction sheet] and sticker. Follow the instruction sheet and assemble those small pieces -- and that's a small JOY oops a TOY! With the help of those stickers the toy is made more attractive. I didn't think twice before picking up couple of JOYS... I mean Kinder Joy. Some info collected form net on Kinder Joy -- originated in 1972, the word came from German -- mean children. Popularity had gone beyond the intended market. [Am proud that am part of the extended target market. Now let me talk about the edible part -- it has two round chocolate coated wafers in milk cream. There is a small spatula inside the egg to enjoy the combination [chocolate with milk cream]. Need not to use our finger to take care of cream [I bet all choco lovers would agree with me that we are not satisfied even if a bit is left]. The choco-wafer part just melts away once put inside mouth & the cream leaves a long effect to relish. The contrast of chocolate & [not too sweet] milk makes this one a real JOY. But the span is too short by the time we finish the edible part. And being a 'grownup childlike' -- I keep looking for 'thoda aur' [little more]. And that's where Ferrero [manufacturer of this wonder] sensed the pulse of their customer. The small toy inside other half makes one to forget the yuummmm choco-creamy effect & get occupied looking into those parts. Except initial 2-3 times, one would tend to play around with the pieces to complete the toy making [and that's fun too]. Me & Sam still vie the toy making task so that we can relish the choco-cream part afterwards while rolling around the toy. And don't blame me if you get addicted in collecting those small one or to complete the set. The funny part is the egg chocolate does not contain egg. Ingredients: Sugar, edible vegetable oil, skimmed milk powder, hazelnut milk powder, wheat flour, cocoa-mass. This is manufactured in Pune [Sajith / Carol -- if you get to read this, please ensure you get the information if there is a factory outlet in Pune :D] I am able to provide this info as I have it with me right now [and am desperate to undrape the egg]. Warning: 1. The toy size being small, it is advisable to keep away from kids under 3 years of age 2. The egg to be placed in a dry place to retain the taste

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