Madeline: Madeline & The Singing Dog

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By: UCZmDkl7OSuP_eE4Sr25hIWg
Video Discription: After being evicted from the opera for barking along with her favorite arias, Genevieve is dog napped by an impresario who sets her up at a dinner theatre. When Madeline finally catches up with her talented canine, Genevieve, now a star is reluctant to go home because she is still embarrassed about the incident at the opera. It is up to Madeline to convince Genevieve how much she is missed at the Old House. β—‹ Click to Subscribe: In an old house in Paris that was covered with vines, lived twelve little girls in two straight lines…and one of them named Madeline. With beautiful, soft brushstroke animation, lively songs and captivating storylines, each of these magical specials is destined to become a timeless classic.


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