IS200- Budget Drifter

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By: UCH_8T8KoaNXKxsNpwYueplg
Video Discription: Benny’s budget drift car isn’t allowed back on the public roads after being rear ended and written off. It is therefore the perfect candidate for some side ways spaghetti action! First off, he will need to give it a tidy up in preparation for tapping walls & trading paint at the track. Benny's Custom Works brings you everything automotive! Weekly Episodes right here on Youtube, as well as the shop with new & used performance parts for most Japanese makes and models. Benny makes this stuff look like a walk in the park. Please consider the risk factors and talk to a qualified mechanic, as well as a psychologist, if you’re thinking of attempting anything you’ve seen on the show. Take into consideration your safety, the safety of others, as well as your vehicle’s best interests- warranty, etc. Unless you’re trained & qualified to do so, we don’t recommend modifying your vehicle in any way. Stickers don’t add HP unless installed correctly.


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