Series that never made it- Thomas the paint engine

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Video Discription: This was a canned idea. the video dates back to April/May but I decided that it would be pointless making it into a series. Mainly I canned it because I didn't have fun animating stories on paint like flash, and the stories were a bit crummy. Things have changed since april. My MSTS stuff changed, going from opaquely reskinned engines on the corris railway, to reskinned engines with alpha channels on very short line. Also, Voices have changed. The voices here are very different to the ones in percy and the monster, and my oliver audition. Thomas' Voice is deeper and blander, Percy's voice is much lower and overall completely different, and terence hasn't got a voice of his own. The whiff voice I still prefer to use, but the others I've replaced with better woices. Animation is limeted, and there is only ever animation when an engine moves. This was changed in the 'successor' Thomas the flash enigne which may be made soon. No other episodes of this were made, bit a spinoff series featuring Skarloey as the main character was known to me made, and I may post the episodes of that.


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