Everything Wrong With Challenge of the Samurai In 5 Minutes Or Less (PokéSins)

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By: UCJi565tuEcXJaL8lPAtGNiQ
Video Discription: Are there any problems with a 15 year old american-dubbed anime, made to tie in with a strange new game fresh out of Japan? Yes. Many. Welcome to PokéSins. (Note: This is a parody of Cinema Sins and I am not at all connected with them.) http://www.youtube.com/Cinemasins This is not to be taken seriously as this is light-hearted humour and is not a critique or review. GG&G Website: http://Gar1onrivaGaming.co.uk Facebook: http://facebook.com/Gar1onrivaGaming Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/Gar1onrivaGaming All Pokémon footage and characters are owned by 4Kids Entertainment and The Pokémon Company and I am not endorsed or associated with them.


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