5 Real Flying Bikes That Actually Fly

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Video Discription: Here are they: 5 Amazing Flying Bikes! You've probably seen this video, but we have relaunched our channel and want to present these Personal Flying Vehicles again! Still think they can cut your legs? Mister Tech is launching a new channel with better content of exceptional quality. Please support us with your LIKE and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! CLICKABLE TIME: 00:00 - Scorpion 3: Flying Motorcycle 01:00 - Homemade Hoverbike by Colin Furze 01:40 - Aero X 04:45 - FLIKE: The ultimate Flying Bike 05:50 - Larry Page's New Flying Motorcycle LINKS: https://www.hoversurf.com http://www.colinfurze.com/hoverbike.html http://aerofex.com http://whatisflike.com Questions? Cooperation? new.mister.tech@gmail.com We will answer as soon as possible!


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