Top 10 Unofficial Pokemon You Probably Didn't Know About!

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By: UCivH06od-2EENq6ibm4LZiw
Video Discription: Let's shoot for 5,000 Likes? Here are 10 unofficial Pokemon you probably didn't know about! Some of these will definitely blow your mind, I didn't even know more than half these existed till I started researching for this video! Also I have a special guest for this video so be sure to check his channel out and our collab on his channel. Be sure to leave a like if you enjoyed the video and also subscribe if you're enjoying the channel! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Collab on Alex's Channel! ► Twitter: ► Facebook: ► Twitch: ✔Join Curse YouTube Network! ✔Support My Channel! Check out the voice actor's channels here! Original151 as Pikachu: SuperDuperDani as Pikachu: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sources: Official Source: Intro Background: Intro background Music: Grass: Houses: Sign: Sign 2: Sky Background: Digimon Music: Blue Eyes Toon Dragon: Explosion green screen: Ocean picture: Venustoise Footage: The Original Dragon Pokemon: Kyurem: White Kyurem: Black Kyurem: Diamon/Pearl 2 Logo: Thu-Fi-Zer: Pokestar Studios Footage: F-00: Majin: Venustoise: Yoshi April Fools Pic: Pokemon Red Footage: PokeGods Pictures: PokeGods Pictures: Charcolt: Mega Evolution Symbol: Punch Noise: Groudon-Pikachu: Mewthree: PokeStar Studios: If your work wasn't cited, please let me know!


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