How to Talk About the Past in English

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Video Discription: In this lesson, you can learn how to talk about the past in English. Talking about the past includes many things. Do you want to talk about interesting experiences you’ve had, tell a funny story, or talk about something you regret in the past? If you have a good example, be sure to share it in the comments! In this lesson, you’ll see the words, phrases and structures you need to talk about the past in clear, fluent English. See the full lesson with text on our website: This lesson will help you: - Understand how to describe experiences when you talk about the past in English. - Use good phrases to compare the past to the present in English. - Learn how to begin a story when you talk about the past in English. - Understand words and phrases to use when talking about a sequence of events in the past. - Talk about things you regret in the past. Contents: 1. How to Talk About Your Past Experiences 0:41 2. How to Compare the Past and Present 3:16 3. How to Set the Scene of a Story 6:36 4. How to Show the Sequence of Events in a Story 8:36 5. How to Talk About Past Regrets 12:14 See more free English lessons like this on our website:


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