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Video Discription: PATREON: Tracy the Little Engine tries to move away a heavy haul in this new episode of " Meet the Crotoonians" ! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- " Meet The Crotoonians" is an exciting companion series to " The Railways of Crotoonia" web series, introducing the ragtag cast of Crotoonia to unfamiliar audiences through a day in their lives. But their lives are never a dull moment, and each two-minute episode is full of adventure and surprises! From the steam engines to the mermaids, these are the ones who call Crotoonia home! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DIRECTOR'S NOTES: This was probably the fastest I've worked on a short. After being delayed for who-knows how long, I spent the last few days chugging away at this. Even though there may be some bugs here or there (and getting this by the delayed deadline was kind of stressful), I'm pretty happy with how this turned out. Experimented with multiple shots for this one (Episode 1 had a total of 3 shots, while this one contained around 11) and had a bit of fun with animating near-full lip-sync this time! I'd like to give special thanks to the amazing Stephanie Panisello for her first Crotoonian performance here. Glad to have you on our team, and I'll be looking forward to working with you in future! :) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CREDITS: Animated at: MilanToon Productions Canada/MilanToon Animation Canada CO-PRODUCED IN ASSOCIATION WITH: Tony Pilot Home Video Project Gryphon Productions: Freakin Duck Pictures: Written, Directed and Animated by: Milan Prsa Starring the Voices of: Stephanie Panisello as Tracy Milan Prsa as Luke the Engine Driver and James. Animated with Models/sets by: Soeren Hermansen: SodorP: Helios W. 下校 丸い鶉さん Enjma Covers/Music by: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FIND THE MILANTOONER IN THESE AREAS: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part of the Channel Frederator Network! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ DISCLAIMER: This work is under fair use. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Tune into " The Railways of Crotoonia: Tillie to the Rescue" this Friday! -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-


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