B.G. Knocc Out: Dr. Dre Set Up Eazy-E In Suge Knight Altercation

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Video Discription: http://www.vladtv.com - Like other West Coast artists, B.G. Knocc Out has stories for days when it comes to his affiliation with Eazy-E, Suge Knight and the Death Row family. Days before Eazy-E was diagnosed with AIDS, him, B.G. and Dresta were in the process of recording " D.P.G. Killa," the diss track aimed at Tha Dogg Pound. It was then Eazy had another bout with his bronchitis, a condition not many were aware he had at the time. 'People don't know Eazy's voice sound the way he does is because his lungs wasn't that good," B.G. explains. " That's why he projected that sound out of his voice." " Yeah there's foul play, ain't no doubt about it," B.G. continues as he's asked about the conspiracy-theories revolving Eazy's death. " He just went from having it, and dying from it in a matter of weeks." B.G. doesn't necessarily believe Suge Knight killed him, but he definitely feels the Death Row Records executive was " made privy to it." " Just the fact that he said that, and where he could've got the information from, I have no clue," says B.G. in reference to Suge's " joke" about injecting people with AIDS needles. " But that's how most of us feel, that's what really happened. " I don't think it was him, though, to be honest." Had he had the authority to do so, B.G. says he would have " exhumed his body and really checked." B.G. is later asked about the well-known time Suge and his crew allegedly jumped Eazy, an incident he claims Dr. Dre was behind all along. " Eazy was smart so, he didn't put his real signature on the paperwork and that's why it never held out," he explains. " Dre set it up, though." Press play to hear about the altercation in detail above.


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