Rainbow Crayola Markers ا ب ت | Arabic Alphabet Stencils | Syraj Kids

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Video Discription: Trace & learn Arabic with alphabet stencils. Teach your kids the Arabic alphabet with homemade tracing letters. Color with Crayola Rainbow Markers the Arabic letters and learn Abjad Montessori Method Education. تعليم أطفالك الأبجدية العربية مع رسائل تتبع محلية الصنع. تتبع الحروف العربية وتعلم أبجد مونتيسوري الطريقة التعليم. Watch Syraj Kid videos that تعلم اللغة العربية, teach children the arabic alphabet الأبجدية for free. Kids have fun & learn preschool lessons in English & Arabic about all the Arabic alphabet letters and sounds الحروف الابجدية. Learn arabic and teach your children with these fun and educational videos in Modern Standard Arabic الحروف. Play & Learn Arabic & English. Syraj Kids is a Language community Marketplace. Hashtag #SyrajKids @SyrajKids on all your social media posts to join our community & promote your business! SYRAJ KIDS https://www.SyrajKids.com INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/syrajkids FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/SyrajKids PINTEREST https://www.pinterest.com/thelanguagelink YOUTUBE https://www.youtube.com/c/SyrajArabic TWITTER https://twitter.com/TeachKidsArabic Music by Sami Metwasi WE WORK WITH Youtube Creators, Creatives, Toy Companies, Teachers, Homeschoolers, Schools, Educators, Production Companies, Authors, Educational Bookstores, Musicians, Artists, Illustrators, Producers, Publishing Houses Parents & Students. We encourage kids to play & have fun, using their imaginations & creativity with the Arabic language. Have fun with children's preschool lessons about Animals, Arabic Alphabet, Shapes, Colors, Numbers. Play & Learn Arabic with Zaina & Laith, Educational Arabic cartoons for kids, Arabic songs for children music videos & Modern Standard Arabic Tareq wa Shireen videos regularly. We want to make learning English & Arabic fun for children. #1 TIP Hashtag #SYRAJKIDS @SyrajKids in ALL your Social Media. We are creating a community marketplace of Arabic language learners through Syraj Kids. This will Increase everyone's views & followers.


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