Null on Kiwifarms, Data Protection, Digital Privacy, and Telling People to Pound Sand

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Video Discription: JUSTICE CHAT: MERCH: They're coming after the farms like it's a 5 year plan! Josh has been dealing with server traffic issues and the Scrutiny of a small-big Government machine putting pressure on him. We're going to talk about that, and talk about the ethics of data preservation and digital privacy. Also, I'm going to read Josh a VERY funny letter from an exceptional individual that I got in the mail over the weekend. Grab some whiskey and join us! Check me out on: Mailing things: USPS: PO Box 97, Spicer, MN 56288 Also on itunes and google play, just search for lawsplaining. Thanks, as always, to for the thumbnail Thanks to Uncle Buck for the Rocking Intro Music! Thanks to psy0rz for the frame perfect animation!


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