The Last Gunfight: The Sinking of the Haguro

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By: UChvvUalJjRkpAt_foViSmLg
Video Discription: still_guns presents... A Silent Hunter 3 Video... A Digital Production... *The Last Gunfight: The Sinking of the Haguro* On this day 70 years ago, the last major naval surface action of World War Two took place. The Battle of Malacca Strait is acclaimed as one of the finest sinkings of a heavy ship by destroyers alone, when five British destroyers engaged and sank the Japanese heavy cruiser " Haguro" . This video is not completely accurate, but I hope it is accurate enough to commemorate this largely overlooked battle. For those who want to know, yes that IS the track from Samurai Champloo. CORRECTION: Stargate Atlantis Track 'Rogue Drone' is used, not 'Wraith Lair' Unavoidable Inaccuracies: Searchlights are used by the ships in this video. In the real battle, star shells were fired by both sides. Due to an oversight in SH3, star shells are only deployed against submarines. The pennant numbers on the RN destroyers are inaccurate, due to only a small number being implemented on the S and V class destroyers. They also change between simulations. The ranges in this film are much too close. The real battle was at approx 3-4 miles. However, game mechanics do not allow ships to fire at each other from beyond approx. 6km, which is 3 miles. In the film, several destroyers are seen to be hit. In reality, only one was damaged. Ships cannot launch torpedoes in SH3. So the torpedoes seen are launched from the mandatory U-Boat. Kamikaze's wake refused to render. The Avenger aircraft model is very low quality. A higher quality model does not exist. Avoidable Inaccuracies: The attack by 851 NAS Avenger's consisted of just three aircraft, not the eleven seen in the film. Haguro is seen to be stationary several times. In reality, she was moving until her engines were knocked out. Haguro sank by the stern. This was not known to me at the time. The word 'torpedoes' is misspelt at least once. The crew of the downed Avenger were taken prisoner after 9 days of drifting (without supplies which were lost in the crash) and held at a camp in Thailand. They survived the rest of the war and were repatriated to the UK by 7th October. ___________________ This video uses the rap song 'Sword Play' by Noveliss feat Clear Soul Forces... at least according to that songs distributors TuneCore. If they actually bothered to watch my video and do some research, they'd find that both Sword Play and my video use Ikue Asazaki's version of Obokuri-Eeumi. I've done all I can, but I don't have a legal leg to stand on anymore, these pieces of shit continue to claim that Noveliss sang Obokuri-Eeumi. So if I can't have whatever money this video potentially makes, they can't either. Oh look, a wild bunch of terms that advertisers don't like appeared WAR DEATH KILLING GUNS WEAPONS BOMBS MOAB ISIS Good luck monetising that you pricks. ID: rgfagfwegfegfsagf


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