BO | Bo Benton | Queen of the Night

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Video Discription: Bo Benton official music video Queen of the Night. Bo reveals she grew up listening to a wide range of music that artists today continue to emulate from legendary soul artists to stadium rockers on over to hip-hop renegades. Bo also enjoys listening to great jazz masters, classical opera giants and southern blues musicians. In her debut album Queen of the Night, Bo infused many different styles of music. She wanted to create a CD that reflects the new generation of music lovers. If one song doesn't grab you, she is sure to have another song that will. " In this age of iTunes and iPods, everyone listens to everything. Why should we allow record labels to put us in a box when in reality most music lovers love it all! You can listen to the album from start to finish without the songs sounding the same, or having to skip songs because of the blending of many musical styles." says Bo.


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