2012-01-17 Teledyne 4A032-4 Starting & Fogging - Edited

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By: UCqMc6E91Bj6uSSqDI3Iwqcg
Video Discription: The drill chuck to 1/4" socket adapter keeps falling out. I thought I could get it tight enough but ended up sacrificing one of my 3/8" socket extensions. I Cut the female end off, burred the shank & this new adapter did stay solidly in the drill chuck. Probably should have done this a long time ago. Teledyne Technologies, Inc. Model: 4A032-4 Teledyne 4A032-4 Oil: AreoShell 100. Oil reccomeneded from A/P Mechanic Adhager. Not verified from other sources. AreoShell 100 is made for air cooled military aircraft engines. Try www-saturnsurplus-com for 4A032 parts. fuel pump is $16.50 Saturn Military supply in PA has parts. Starters showup on E-bay often, 24V only. Carbs may not react well to new gasoline. the float may swell up and stick. www-saturnsurplus-com only has complete carbs for sale, no parts. We have one on a 3kw gen set and it runs fine, if you drain the gas out of the carb with every use. user group forum: " just saw one of these on ebay, says they have a restrictor plate under the carb. Plate removed engine is capable of 26HP ?" US Military paid $2,400 each for these engines. ENGINE, GASOLINE, MILITARY STANDARD 4 CYLINDER AIR COOLED 4 CYCLE OVERHEAD VALVE 32 CU IN DISPLACEMENT STOCK NO.: 2805-01-276-5946 ML MODEL: 4A032-4 MANUAL: TM 5-2805-203-14/24P MFD BY: Teledyne WFI DATEE MFD: 09-91 PO NO.: DAAK01-88-D-DO55 (unclear of last oO0) Rating: 6 H.P. @ 3,600 RPM(USG Rating) H.P. RATED AT 10,000 FT ELEVATION AND 100 DEGREES F Length: 19 1/8 Inches Width: 20 5/8 Inches Height: 15 3/4 Inches Weight: 110 Pounds Bore: 2.250 Inch Stroke: 2.0 Inch Displacement: 31.8 Cubic Inches; 521.11cc Compression: 6.0 to 1 Found elsewhere: Weight 155 lbs. PIN: 068925 TM/EN NUMBER: TM 9-2805-262-14 CURRENT CHANGE: 3 DIS CODE: A Publication Title (partial): OPERATOR, UNIT, DIRECT SUPPORT, AND GENERAL SUPPORT MAINTENANCE MANUAL FOR ENGINE GASOLINE, 6 HP MILITARY STANDARD MODELS (MODEL 4A032-1), (NSN 2805-00-776-0483) (MODEL 4A032-2), (2805-00-068-7512) (MODEL 4A032-3), (2805-01-139-0596) (MODEL 4A032-4), (2805-01-276-5946) {TO 38G2-90-1; NAVFAC P-8-613-14E}


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