J.D. Salbego Speaks at World Blockchain Summit 2018 - Amsterdam

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Video Discription: To work with J.D. Salbego visit https://www.legionventures.biz/ J.D.’s official site and blog - https://jdsalbego.com/ - articles, news, interviews and to learn more! Follow J.D. on social media - @JDSalbego - Twitter | Instagram Connect on LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/jdsalbego/ 2018 was the year of mass hype, insane amounts of capital raised with very little accountability, and innovative projects but the majority of them turning out to be $#!% Coins. Investors both retail, VCs, and institutional are now both wiser and more skeptic. Regulators have have cracked down, only to delay processes while they figure things out. Smaller countries have seen Blockchain as a way to build economic growth. Are ICOs out and STOs the way of the capital raising future? Should startup's go to market strategy, tokenomics, and blockchain use case be scrutinized even more? This panel focuses on what 2019 will looks like and gives startups a guideline to successfully navigate this ever changing industry in 2019. J.D. Salbego is at the epicenter of the blockchain tokenized revolution – connected with influencers, leaders, VC funds, governments, companies, technology, & trends that are key to success in this market. He is intimately familiar with the complexities of today’s economic convergence around blockchain, disruptive technological environments, tokenized liquidity solutions, regulation, investor & customer behavior patterns, and the complex web of relationships tying decentralized systems to a better world.


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