‘The Bachelor’ Contestant Cassie Randolph Responds After Nyle DiMarco Schools Her On Sign

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Video Discription: ‘The Bachelor’ Contestant Cassie Randolph Responds After Nyle DiMarco Schools Her On Sign Language. Colton Underwood''s lady is called out by the 'Dancing with the Stars' winner. A sign language segment on The Bachelor is being corrected by Nyle DiMarco, and it’s causing a bit of embarrassment for one of Colton Underwood’s frontrunners on the ABC dating show. After Bachelor contestant and “speech pathologist” Cassie Randolph sweetly attempted to teach Underwood a few words in sign language, her technique was corrected by former ABC star DiMarco on Twitter. After Cassie tried to teach Colton the signs for “you’re cute,” “rose,” and “kiss,” model, deaf activist and Dancing With the Stars season 22 contestant, Nyle DiMarco took to Twitter to correct the grad student’s sign language. As previously shared by the Inquisitr, Nyle DiMarco revealed that Randolph made quite a few mistakes as she tried to show off her signing skills to The Bachelor star. In his tweet, DiMarco wrote that while Cassie’s attempts to teach Colton were “endearing,” she did it all wrong. “Here is what she actually signed,” DiMarco wrote. “: 1) ‘YOUR’ cute (not you are) 2) RESTAURANT (not rose) 3) Two different signs for kiss in one sentence ‘kiss-kiss’.” Cassie Randolph later retweeted DiMarco’s corrections and admitted that she was embarrassed by her mistakes. “Hahaha well this is embarrassing,” The Bachelor beauty wrote. “I tried! I’m glad it was restaurant and not something worse.” Cassie Randolph has also admitted that ABC misrepresented her profession as a speech assistant by telling her to refer to herself as a speech pathologist. Nyle DiMarco has long been an advocate for people with hearing impairments, so it’s no surprise that he politely corrected Cassie Randolph on her faux pas. The star, whose


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