Malware, Atomic Bombs & LSD: Life After the Singularity

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Video Discription: Malware, Atomic Bombs & LSD: Life After the Singularity
The Long Now Foundation - The Long Now Foundation
A Seminar About Long-term Thinking featuring Bruce Sterling examining The Singularity: Your Future as a Black Hole.He treated the subject of hyper-acceleration of technology as a genuine threat worth alleviating and as a fond fantasy worth cruel dismemberment.One reason lots of people don't want to think long term these days is because technology keeps accelerating so rapidly, we assume the world will become unrecognizable in a few years and then move on to unimaginable. Long-term thinking must be either impossible or irrelevant.The commonest shorthand term for the runaway acceleration of technology is "the Singularity" - a concept introduced by science fiction writer Vernor Vinge in 1984. The term has been enthusiastically embraced by technology historians, futurists, extropians, and various trans-humanists and post-humanists, who have generated variants such as "the techno-rapture," "the Spike," etc. - The Long Now Foundation


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