Boston subway rescue: three men leap onto tracks to rescue fallen rider

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Video Discription: Three men at the North Station orange line sprang into action after a Malden resident fell onto the train tracks, all of which was captured by MBTA video cameras. The fallen rider, who earlier in the evening celebrated passing his medical boards with two drinks, does not recall anything about the episode. Lucky for him, he had three heroes to rescue him.

The incident took place at about 9pm on Wednesday. The doctor can be seen approaching the yellow safety line and takes what appears to be a flying leap onto the tracks. His fellow passengers react with horror. One lady swings her handbag in an effort to signal any inbound trains. A man tries to get the fallen rider's attention by clapping his hands. Two more men leap into action, jumping down onto the tracks. A third man crosses from the other side of the subway platform to assist, in the process taking precarious steps around the electrified third rail.

Off camera, MBTA workers are notified and an emergency alarm is activated. This prevents any trains from pulling into station. But the three heroes don't know that. They braved the possibility of oncoming trains and risked their lives to rescue someone they didn't know. All three men lift the fallen rider back onto the subway platform.

Despite the actions of the three heroes, the MBTA does not encourage passengers to jump down on the subway tracks. The right course of action, they say, is to sound the alarm with MBTA workers.


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