Police brutality: Ottawa cops beat patrons outside Tequila Jack's (caught on camera)

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Video Discription: Police brutality? Caught on camera: Canada cops beat bar patrons outside Tequila Jack's on Clarence Street in Ottawa. Police arrested Balkaran Bajwa and Gohar Ali, both 21. What does police chief Charles Bordeleau have to say?

Well, it was a regular old s-show in the streets of Ottawa this weekend. According to onlookers, and cell phone video, police went insane on a bar goer last weekend. According to the Ottawa Police force, they were just doin' their job!

Police said they were responding to a call just before midnight on September 6 outside Tequila Jack's on Clarence street. Apparently there was some sort of bouncer vs. bar hopper throw down going on. When police arrived there was a man using a metal line-up pole to assault security staff outside the bar. The situation got ugly one patron punched an officer in the face.

When all was said and done, 21-year-old Balkaran Bajwa and 21-year-old Gohar Ali, both of Ottawa, were arrested on multiple counts. Crazy 21-year-olds!

Charles Bordeleau the Ottawa Police Chief is not taking this video lightly. He has initiated a Chief's complaint after the video went viral. According to the Professional Standards inspector, there is currently a review underway to ascertain whether the "appropriate amount of intervention was used."

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