YouTube pot growing suspect: Kyle Berry busted after posting how-to videos

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Video Discription: A budding horticulturalist from New Hampshire, Kyle Berry, has been stung with a year in the slammer for his "How to Grow Marijuana" YouTube videos.

Berry had a large hydroponics set-up in his Auburn basement and used to film videologs on how to grow and cultivate marijuana.

His video postings were known for the meticulous detail he gave.

Berry highlighted everything from where to get seeds, how to sex male and female plants, how to clone and crossbreed and how to care for the controlled drugs as the plants grew.

However, while his videos contained a high proportion of detail, his filming techniques were less meticulous.

In one shot his face can be seen reflected on a shiny wall. In another shot Berry carelessly lets the camera film a parcel of seeds he has had sent to him. The parcel still has his name and home address clearly visible.

So it wasn't too long until Berry got a knock on his door from the coppers.

Berry pleaded to a judge that he was only growing the marijuana to help deal with the 17 operations he had undergone since he was 13.

However the judge was more inclined to think Berry was just a real dope and slapped him with one year in jail and a $500 fine.


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