Best of Fails Compilation with 500 Epic FAILS!!

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Video Discription: The most fails in one video on the internet. This video was shot at .3 fps(fails per second). On average about every 3 seconds = 1 fail. All fails are from Fail Blog and some of these include:
Ambulance Fail
Another Mascot Fail
Another Skateboarding Fail
Backflip Fail
Backflip Fail
Backspin Fail
Ball Jump Fail
Barrier Jump Fail
Baseball Fail
Basketball Dunk Fail
Basketball Hoop Fail
Bassist Fail
Beaver Catching Fail
Best Man Fail
Bike Jump Fail
Bike Jump Fail
Bike Landing Fail
Bike Stunt Fail
Biking Fail
BMX Treadmill Fail
Boogie Board Fail
Break Dance Fail
Bull Win
Burnout Fail
Bus Ride Fail
Cannon Fail
Car Handstand Fail
Caravan Fail
Catapult Fail
Celebration Fail
Celebration Fail
Climbing Fail
Closet Door Fail
Coconut Breaking Fail
Coke Fail
Copier Win
Courage Fail
Crane Fail
Creek Jump Fail
Crucifixion Fail
Cyclist Fail
Dance Dance Fail
Dance Fail
Dance Fail
Desk Backflip Fail
Diver Fail
Diving Fail
Diving Fail
Diving Fail
Double Skateboard Fail
Drunk Climbing Fail
Drunk Fail
Dump Truck Fail
Dunk Fail
Entrance Win
Escape Fail
Excitement Fail
Explosion Effect Fail
Faceplant Series- Dancing Fail
Faceplant Series- Halfpipe Fail
Faceplant Series- Segway Fail
Fairy Fail
Fire Safety Fail
Flip Fail
Flip Fail
Football Player Fail
Footloose Fail
Front Flip Fail
Frustrated Skateboarder Fail
Game Fail
Game Show Set Fail
Garage Exit Fail
Gas Station Fail
Getting Out of the Way Fail
Guitarist Fail
Gymnast Gymnastics Fail
Gymnastics Stunt Fail
Headbanger Fail (short)
Hellen Keller Actress Fail
High Kick Fail
Hockey Celebration Fail
Hockey Intimidation Fail
Horse Trick Fail
Jet Ski Fail
Jump Fail
Jump Fail
Jump Fail
Jumping Jacks Fail
Jumping Through Basketball Hoop Fail
Kid Fail
Knockout Fail
Kung Fu Fail
Ladder Fail
Lamp Post Fail
Landing Fail
Landscaping Fail
Levitation Fail
Mascot Fail
Mascot Win
Message Fail
Mobility Fail
Motorcycle Cop Fail
Mountain Bike Fail
Mountain Biker Fail
Mountain Biker Fail
Mountain Biker Fail
News Set Fail
Nunchuk Fail
Olympic Jump Fail
Parachute Fail
Parachute Fail
Paying Respect Fail
Penalty Kick Fail
Pogo Stick Fail
Pole Vault Fail
Poledancing Fail
Police Bust Fail
Police Dog Fail
Pool Flip Fail
Post Walk Fail
Prepared Police Fail
Principal Fail
Prom Fail Fail
Psychic Drawing Fail
Pull-Up Bar Fail
Quince Fail
Rail Slide Fail
Railing Jump Fail
Raptors Mascot Fail
Redneck Fail
Roof Jump Fail
Rope Swing Fail
Rope Swing Fail
Rope Swing Fail
Rugby Score Fail
Runner Fail
Safety Car Fail
Safety Rope Fail
Scare Fail
Scooter Driver Fail
Scooter Fail
Sculpture Fail
Security Guard Fail
Skateboarder Fail
Skateboarding Fail
Ski Fail
Ski Jump Fail
Skin Boarding Fail
Slalom Skiing Fail
Sledding Fail
Slingshot Fail
Snowboarding Fail
Snowboarder Fail
Snowmobile Fail
Soccer Fail
Soccer Kick Fail
Soldier Dunk Fail
Sportsmanship Fail
Stage Entrance Fail
Staying Conscious Fail
Steeple Chase Fail
Stripper Fail
Stunt Fail
Swing Fail
Swing Fail
Table Backflip Fail
Table Slide Fail
Tailgate Fail
Taser Protection Fail
Toboggan Fail
Trampoline Fail 2
Treadmill Fail
Trip Win Fail
Truck Driver Fail
Trust Fail
Tubing Fail
Unicycle Jump Fail
Unicycle Trick Fail
Vending Machine Fail
Vertical Leap Fail
Vespa Fail
Victory Fail
Volleyball Fail
Wall Flip Fail
Weight Lifting Fail
Weightlifting Fail
Wii Demonstration Fail
Wii Fail
Working Out Fail
Wrestling Fail
Wrestling Move Fail
Zorb Fail
Zorb Win
TV Host Fail


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